Tuesday, August 30, 2016

GIVEAWAY! Silly Sam Brag Tags & Classroom Compliment BUNDLE!

$10 Value GIVEAWAY!

My New Classmates Scoot FREEBIE for the 1st Day

This is a great fun activity for the first day 
or the first week of school!

Students play Scoot with Classmates' Names and go home with a list of all of their new friends.

There is also an interview activity for students to get to know a few friends even better.

Great for an introduction to speaking and listening skills.

Friday, June 3, 2016


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These are thoughtful Bookmark Gifts for a Special Dad or other Special Person that can be recognized on Father's Day!

They are a nice compliment to the 
I Can Count on My Dad or Special Person 
Keepsake Book 
also found at Silly Sam Productions

Sunday, May 22, 2016



For all of my faithful fans with Silly Sam Classrooms, 
I have some big news for you! 

The newest version of the Silly Sam Classroom Management System is HERE!

This is the same premise as the original Silly Sam System with some important additions and fun new twists!

First of all, my own Silly Sam has been drawn by artist Tonja Irvine from Ta Doodles! He is now in 3D and is also rockin' some very cool green shoes!

This version of the program still has GOOD CHARACTER awards that can be easily filled out for students that are displaying these positive behaviors. New twist **this set is editable and you can type in the Teacher Name on each tag so that when you print or photocopy that is already filled in. The editable version has a text box in the teacher name position. The student name is still a blank to write in, however, in this editable version, you may choose to add a text box in PowerPoint and type in a name.

Print on white paper or colored paper and have students 
                         COLLECT THEM ALL!

Here's how I use them. Each day I give out Silly Sam Classroom Compliments to students that are Good Examples or Good Sports, etc. Students collect these compliment awards at home. When they have 20 Silly Sam Classroom Compliments of any assortment, they bring them in to school and receive an ice pop during our movie on Friday Funday. Each of the 20 "Sammers" gets stamped on the back that it was already submitted for a prize. 

Now, with our newest program: These same Sammers can still be saved up for a different prize. If a student saves up 10 of the same Compliment Cards, for example 10 Good Sport Cards, they can now bring those in and receive a GOOD SPORT BRAG TAG! Even if there is an ice pop stamp on the back, the same award can be counted toward the Brag Tag. So, students can try to collect each of the 10 Good Character Brag Tags. Color Coding the papers can help students see which ones they have and which ones they are trying for. If your students are anything like my guys, they will LOVE the challenge of collecting each and every one. In my classroom, doubles are welcome as well, however you can adapt the rules any way that you like!

The Lemonade Award is for any student that shows that they are using COPING SKILLS and dealing with disappointment or an 'upsetment' in a grown up way! Making Lemonade out of Lemons is a wonderful skill to learn!

Other Classroom Compliments and BRAG TAGS include GOOD CITIZENS, Super Helper and Super Kinder or 1st-5th Grader!

 Collect BRAG TAGS on binder rings for backpacks or metal chains for necklaces. We are using backpack rings so that students can show families and friends how their GOOD CHARACTER skills are growing!
 All of the current SILLY SAM Packs will also be created in this new version soon!

If you have already purchased ANY Silly Sam Pack at all, please email me at sillysamproductions@gmail.com. I will be so happy to send you this new version FREE to try out in your classroom! If you have any requests or preferences on which pack you would like to see next, leave me a comment here on the blog and I will try to get that one ready for you!

For anyone new to the SILLY SAM family, think about having a little character join you in your classroom for the end of this year, or for next year! Try this BONUS FREEBIE from Silly Sam Productions at TpT.

Thanks for reading about a Silly Sam Classroom! 

Friday, May 20, 2016

FRIDAY FUNDAY FREEBIES! Manatee Bulletin Board!


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Friday, May 13, 2016

FRIDAY FUNDAY FREEBIE from Silly Sam Productions: Color Coded Fact Families!

Grab a Friday Funday Freebie at Silly Sam Productions!

Here's this week's FREEBIE...

This is one of my most popular freebies. This is a great time of year to review Mental Math Strategies and try out my Color-Coded Fact Families!

These are great for:


My color-coding technique was designed to help a struggling student see the patterns. It worked wonders for him, but I knew all learners could benefit from this strategy too. So, you will find many COLOR-CODED lessons at Silly Sam Productions.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Featured Teacher Tuesday: Meet Karen Wasdin from Silly Sam Productions

Meet Karen Wasdin from Silly Sam Productions!


Karen has been teaching 1st Grade for almost 30 years. She is a Baseball Mom from New Jersey and loves to watch her son play for the High School team and travel teams. Her husband is a Videographer/Photographer and she enjoys assisting him in producing sports and educational videos in his business, MoonGate Video Productions.


Finding ways to help her young learners understand the trickiest concepts has driven her to create multi-sensory approaches and engaging lessons that MAKE LEARNING FUN! These techniques can be found in her products at TpT.


Color-Coded Fact Families Mental Math uses the color-coding technique to help learners make connections to math strategies.


is an integrated Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop unit that has students look at the story of the Three Little Pigs through the eyes of different characters. Then they do the same with their own personal narrative about their first day of school. This helps them truly discover and empathize with others and recognize feelings other than their own.


is an extensive unit covering the heart of the first grade phonics curriculum. Word Houses use patterning chunks and vowel sounds to help students become stronger readers and writers. Creating their own Vowel Books helps students celebrate all that they have learned.

You can find and follow Silly Sam Productions here:
Blog: Laugh and Learn with Silly Sam        Twitter:  @sillysamprod
TpT: Silly Sam Productions                          Pinterest:  Silly Sam Productions
Facebook:   Silly Sam Productions                   Instagram:  sillysamproductions

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Welcome back for another week of Feature Teacher Tuesdays!
This week’s Feature Teacher is Lauren, over at Curriculum and Coffee!

Lauren is a wife, aunt, daughter, sister, and a dog mom to her Brittany Spaniel, Ace
Isn’t he cute?!
Lauren is in her third year of teaching first grade in Southwest Ohio. She loves to create, blog {when she can! The school year is SO busy}, and spend time outdoors with The Hubs and Ace. With a knack for tech, Lauren has taken those skills and applied them to the blogosphere, serving as her school’s Technology Learning Consultant, and to her TpT store.

One of Lauren’s Best Sellers in her TpT store is her Fact Family Activities!

These activities are interactive, and encourage student engagement with cutting, pasting & putting together fact family puzzles

Another one of Lauren’s favorite things to teach is grammar and writing conventions. She saw a need for a product that was engaging, and fun, but still served the need for her students to practice those capitals, punctuation marks, proper nouns, commas in a series, dates, and all of the other CCSS convention standards! The best thing? You can grab all THREE of her DOLs in one big bundle!
Lauren’s students LOVE taking a red pen to these pages and becoming the grader. Students gets to find all of the mistakes, and then rewrite the sentence. After, Lauren has her students complete a dictation sentence where she tells them how many points the sentence would be out of (capital, period, name title {Mr.}, commas, etc), and students get to grade each other’s dictation sentence.

Check out these other awesome products that you can find in Lauren’s TpT store that are 20% off this week, February 9-12!

Don’t forget to follow Lauren!

Thursday, January 7, 2016



Check out this great article about Kindness & Respect in the classroom!

Grab this FREEBIE from Silly Sam Productions at TpT!


When you see an ACT OF KINDNESS in your classroom, have that student put a pom-pom in the jar. 

When you fill the jar, plan a KINDNESS CELEBRATION!