Sunday, April 2, 2017

*Ways to Make Ten *Part-Part-Whole *Missing Parts Made Easy with VIDEO!

*Ways to Make Ten 


*Finding Missing Parts

 Made Easy with VIDEO!

These are such tricky concepts for our youngest Mathematicians. I have been teaching for about 30 years and have spent many of those years individually tutoring and leading small group Basic Skills lessons for those students that are really struggling with understanding these concepts.

Teaching Math is so different now, compared to when I entered the Teaching profession. The main focus used to be on solving equations and performing steps correctly. We were still teaching the "Why" and "How" part of mathematical concepts, however, they were not tested on this part and understanding these ideas was not essential in passing the assessments for the unit.

Now, students actually solving problems and simply providing the correct number as the answer is only one third of the assessment question. Students need to show, draw, identify and often express in writing the steps that they used to solve a problem. 


This technique has helped so many students to visualize the steps and see the concept come to life with clarity and understanding. We use Color-Coding with Verbal and Visual cues to map out the steps to understanding *Part *Part *Whole, *Missing Parts and *Ways to Make 10. 

Ways to Make 10. 

Start with these templates and fill in the left side of the chart starting with 0 and counting up to 10 going down the chart. 
Next, fill in the right side of the chart starting with 10 and counting down to 0 going down the chart.
What forms on each row will be the "Partners to 10".


Color-Coding the Left Side Yellow for "Lemon Left" and the Right Side Red for "Raspberry Right" helps students to clearly see the difference.

It also helps with the doubles fact, 5 and 5. 5 Yellow Chips + 5 Red Chips = 10 Chips all together.

Here is your *Part *Part *Whole Model

As long as you know 2 parts of the equation, you will always be able to find the missing part.

In this example the Sum or Top # is provided.

That means that the...

This little trick will really help Young Mathematicians with this skill.

We can see that there are 4 chips on the "Lemon-Left" side of the mat.

Count and write the number of chips that we can see on the blank that says

Part I Know

That would be 4 in this example.

Now we are going to count all the way to 10, The STOP #.

Start with the yellow chips and count 1, 2, 3, 4,

Then add red chips to the "Raspberry Right" side until you get to the number 10.

Next, count just the RED CHIPS.

That is your ANSWER.

You have found the MISSING PART!

I hope that this method is successful for you and your Mathematicians as well!

One more little story before you go...

I had a student that was trying hard, listening carefully and then practicing carefully...

Then he shouted out with excitement...




I love my job.

Here are some resources to help you teach this concept from Silly Sam Productions.

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