Sunday, May 28, 2017

Manatees! A Wonderful Unit to Explore!



Inspire your students and add excitement to reviewing skills. Research and explore all about Manatees!

Join the Save the Manatee Club and have your students read about Manatees.

Adopt a Manatee and receive a photograph with the story and history of your adoptee!

Have students review and practice skills with the Manatee Unit Bundle.

*Research and Write an All About Manatees Book to share all that you have learned.

*Practice Math and Language Arts Skills

*Create a Watercolor Art Project to display on a bulletin board

*Even extra Manatee Writing sheets to just keep on sharing your excitement!

Students love learning about these amazing creatures and learning how they can make a difference in protecting them!

This is a wonderful unit for any time, for Life Science, Ocean Animals, Earth Day, or even as an extra review unit at the End of the Year or for over the Summer!

Some wonderful children's books about Manatees!
Image result for j rooker manatee

J. Rooker, manatee

Mary Manatee: A Tale of Sea Cows by Suzanne Tate - Used (Good) - 0961634499

Mary Manatee


Your students will love exploring these incredible sea animals!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Color-Code Technique: Help Students SEE and Understand Tricky Concepts

Color-Coding has been a major theme in my career as a Teacher right from the beginning.

When working with students that were struggling with difficult concepts in Tutoring, I was always trying to find a way to explain things,
or show them in and easier way.


was the best way I could find to show the subtle differences.

It worked.
And worked.

Today, I still use Color-Coding to teach tricky concepts.
Not just to struggling students, but to all of my students.
If Color-Coding could help struggling learners get a handle on tricky concepts...

maybe all students would benefit.


Here are a few ways to use Color-Coding to help explain some tricky concepts to your students.

Color-Coded Contractions

Use 2 colors for the 2 words.
Copy the Whole First Word.
Then add an apostrophe instead of the vowel (or letters).

So, they have = they've

Color-Coded 120 Chart
One More-One Less
Ten More-Ten Less

Start with the Black Box #
Then Follow the color codes

One More = RED BOX
One Less = BLUE BOX
Ten Less = GREEN BOX


Students can create their own or copy color-coded sentences.

They write in pencil and then use markers or crayons to trace over the 


This technique, we practice each month with seasonal or holiday vocabulary. Students become so solid on parts of speech when they color-code their Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives! 

They even ask if they can color code parts of speech in their journals and other writing too!

Color-Coded Mental Math Fact Families

Use color-coding to demonstrate the Fact Families for each of the Mental Math Strategies!

We show each equation with Cube-a-Links to show for example that 1 RED + 9 BLUE = 10

So, the 1, 9, 10 Family House would go like this...


We actually say Red + Blue = Black

You can find more ideas for 
Color-Coding in the Custom Category section in my TpT Store: Silly Sam Productions.

Here is a FREEBIE Sampler with some pages to try out the technique.

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