Monday, April 6, 2015

Liberty Town, U.S.A.!

Liberty Town, U.S.A.!

Liberty Town, U.S.A. Build a City in Your Classroom!

Liberty Town, U.S.A. Build a City in Your Classroom! unit (grades K-4) covers several important social studies topics while incorporating math, health, science, and language arts as well.
Students brainstorm the important elements of a community and then choose a building to create for our town. They act as city planners to design roads, and they brainstorm names of buildings and streets. They delve into economics, community helpers, and American symbols as they create their ideal communities. They investigate health topics when figuring out what a good community needs, as well as the sciences when they consider farming and transporting foods, as well as every career and occupation. They use their language arts skills to write about their building and its importance along with the community helpers that would be found there. Then they consider the impact of good citizens in their community, and they write about their own contributions. We add lots of props and take tons of pictures.

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