Thursday, July 9, 2015

My New Classmates Scoot FREEBIE

Grab this FREEBIE!

Years ago a parent told me that her son was so happy to have some new friends in first grade, but...
he couldn't remember their names.

Ever since then, I have always incorporated a name activity on the first day of school. 

Now, it is available as a FREEBIE and has been downloaded over 21,000 times.

MY NEW CLASSMATES SCOOT Game has printables for many different kinds of classroom settings. Students "SCOOT" around the room to each desk or table and either copy the friend's name themselves for older students, or write their own name at each spot for younger students. 

This way they go home with a class list of names to talk about with their families. 

The second activity is an Interview with 4 friends.
Brainstorm together some great questions to ask a new friend. A guideline or anchor chart is provided.

Students have some time to walk around and talk to classmates. They have a sheet to write or invite a new friend to write their name and something they like.

This is such a wonderful 1st Day or 1st Week activity!

Please grab the freebie and come on back to tell us how you used it! Let us know what modifications you may have made and how it worked for your new class!

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