Saturday, July 13, 2013

Helpers Chart System
This is the EASIEST and most CONVENIENT Helpers Chart I have ever used! I am very excited to share this system with you. Use the long side of a file cabinet, or any other magnetic board that you have. I use 15 Job Cards and place either one or two dots on the bottom of the card to show how many helpers there will be for that job. This changes each year to match the number of students that I have. Make several jobs a 2 person job and then everyone has a job each week. These jobs are Common Core Aligned and provide opportunities for Cooperative Learning!
Close-up of a job card with 2 dots (bottom right corner)
2 Helper Name Cards.
I put the names in alphabetical order and number the name cards. This helps when students are helping with the chart and the names get mixed up.
These magnet clips make this system so SIMPLE to use and it is such a TIME SAVER!! Clip the name cards and when time to change the jobs, simply move the magnet name over! I always take the last name off the chart and hold it. Slide everyone over one spot and then the one in my hand goes up to the first spot on top. Easy and Efficient! I love this and I hope it can make a difference for you too!

I finally completed my Complete & Comprehensive Helpers Chart System including my Barclay Bear Weather Wheels and Calendar Pocket Chart Sentences Pack. If you are interested in using this system, I have all of the pieces ready-made for you. You can find them at my little TeacherspayTeachers store called Silly Sam Productions.
                 Helpers Chart Weather Wheel and Calendar Pocket Chart Pack

                     Barclay Bear Weather Wheels

Calendar Sentences
Pocket Chart
Helpers create and share the sentences each day.
Students can copy the sentences in their journal and answer a question of the day to extend this Morning Routine activity.
Over the years I have designed and created many versions of a Helpers Chart. This is the complete package of the one that has worked the BEST for me in my classroom. The Job Cards are bright and cheery and help early readers with great picture cues.
The Magnet Clips for moving student names around the chart have simplified this task and are a true TIME SAVER!  This Helpers Chart System solves every problem I've ever had with a Job Chart. Every student gets a job each week, it runs automatically to keep things fair. Jobs are adjustable to make the perfect number of jobs to match the number of students that you have.
Children LOVE doing their jobs, training peers and sharing their knowledge with the class. Parents have commented about the excitement and enthusiasm the kiddos have about having a job in class. They look forward to their jobs and talk about them at home, Woo-Hoo!

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