Sunday, July 14, 2013

I absolutely love the new rules on many boards at Pinterest. I think all of the boards have become more interesting, exciting and engaging when filled with great teaching and organizational ideas.
However, I have always loved pinning and re-pinning other sellers' great products. I have always pinned about 10:1. 10 great things that cross my path and then one of my own.
Pinning Parties have been a challenge for me lately. I love pinning for all the wonderful creative authors over at TpT, but more recently I have been pinning others' things to my own private boards for fear of breaking rules on other boards.
Pinning Parties can be SOOOO much fun, but it is time consuming. When I am trying to find a good collaborative board (with lots of followers) that would be a good match for someone's pin, I don't always have time to double-check the rules. I definitely do not have time to check through the board to see if that pin is already posted there, and I would NEVER want to add a pin to a board and put that person in jeopardy of being deleted because there were duplicate pins!
So, when I do pin for others I put the pins on my boards, which at least a few people will see, and to only a scarce few others that I think are "safe".
So, I got the idea today to start a new Collaborative Board called Pinning Party so that we have another "safe" spot to pin for our friends. If duplicate pins appear because several people have pinned something, that will be ok. Ideas and blog posts are welcomed and hopefully everyone that comes by will re-pin a few things to some other safe spots!
This will be a little bit of an experiment, but we'll give it a try. Now of course it will be great if we get a ton of followers here. So, let's get started!!!


  1. This is a fantastic idea. I have always been afraid to pin for others because of all the rules. So far I only joined one pinning party for that very reason. I just emailed you and I hope to be added to your new boards soon. By the way, I have been reading some of your posts on this blog and I think that you are doing a fantastic job. I need to get busy and start updating my blog evin though I only have a small number of followers.

  2. Thank you Regina for stopping by. I am so glad to hear that someone else was apprehensive like me. I will head over to the email, and get you on our board right away. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement too. I'd love to hop over to check out your blog too, some of the blogs I see are soooo amazing, but we all had to start somewhere...right! Thanks again! Karen