Saturday, December 28, 2013

 Candy Cane Corner Learning Center :)

 Looking out our "window"

 These are our Holidays Around the World projects for display.  Most of them we made ornament sized so that each country can be hung for a holiday display at home.  They come down and get wrapped up with the Holidays Around the World Keepsake Book that is a gift for the family.  This is probably the project that I am most proud of.  I did most of the research when I was in college and working on a Holidays Around the World Project.  I have enjoyed sharing this keepsake book with all of my students each year.
Our fireplace with stockings carefully hung!
Long before Elf on the Shelf
A little mischievous elf named
has been visiting my classroom every year.
He leaves notes in desks, prizes in stockings, messages on the board and footprints on the floor.
Did you know that you can pick up an Elf''s footprint?
And... if you find one, it is Good Luck!!

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