Friday, December 27, 2013

My Learning Colors Wheel is something new that I added to Silly Sam Productions this summer. I was looking for a simple way for students to monitor their own learning process and a way for them to communicate that to me.

My district was piloting and now implementing the Marzano model of Teacher Evaluation.  Within this model and many others including Danielson, is the philosophy that students need to be aware of their own learning process.

We have had posters displayed for classroom reference in the past.  Some teachers were using a desk model with a clothespin or paper clip.

I was trying to come up with something that would be simple and durable and had moving parts, but not ones that could be so easily separated.

Since this is my "Catch-Up" entry for this year, I am happy to report that the My Learning Colors Wheel has been a tremendous success!! My 1st Grade colleague is also using this as well in her classroom and our principal has commented on it in both classrooms.

I do recommend a reinforcer under the brass fastener, but it has been working beautifully!

I saw a brilliant pin on Pinterest this summer, where the deskplate nametags were laminated and fastened to desks with Velcro strips. I did the same with the wheel. That makes it portable so that students can bring it to the rug for whole group instruction, or to a table for small group instruction. They turn their wheel to the color they feel they are at right at their desks, or they can remove the wheel from the strip and hold it up for me to see all their colors during a lesson.

My students love this and are very honest about their learning.  We talk often about how confusing things can seem when learning something new.  Also, that learning anything takes lots of practice and that is how we start to understand and put the learning into our Long Term Memories.  My students love to track their learning through the colors.  Sometimes I have a student tell me that they started out in Yellow, and went all the way to Blue by the end of the lesson.  I can highly recommend this model.  You can find it in Silly Sam Productions at TpT if you are interested.

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