Friday, December 27, 2013

Oh my goodness! It has been crazy busy around here and I have been having a hard time finding enough minutes in each day for all of the wonderful new things that I would like to do. This is going to be my "Catch-Up" for my Laugh and Learn With Silly Sam Blog.
 These photos show my classroom during set-up time in August '13.  It typically takes about 2 weeks to set up my classroom. We are restricted to the hours of 7am-3pm. It is hard to get there too early, because of making arrangements for kids to get together for the day. That usually does not start at 6:30 am. I would love it if the building could be open till 11:00 pm like it is the rest of the school-year. That way I could bang out the room in 1 or 2 marathon days.


         Question: What are the hours that you are able to get into your school to set up? I would love to know if my district is typical.

                       Well here is the room all finished and ready for First Graders! We had a wonderful first day!!


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