Friday, December 27, 2013


I am so excited about the new vocabulary program that we are using this year.  I developed this program over the summer which utilizes Vocabulary instruction practices that I have been using for years with the Fry Vocabulary list that my district has adopted.  All of these components are available at Silly Sam Productions at TpT.

The Black Sight Words are divided into groups of 5 for 40 weeks.  That utilizes the 1st 200 Fry Words.  Along with those Large display cards I also have Flashcards for students to take home for homework and practice each week.  The Fry list of words would be impossible to use independently to "build" sentences.  So, I designed the Color-coded Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives program to accompany the 5 sight words each week.  There are 2 Red Nouns, 2 Green Verbs and 2 Blue Adjectives provided with the Fry Sight Words each week.  We have large display cards for our pocket chart in class and a Flashcard version for students to take home.  If color printing, or copying is not an option, students can color-code their words themselves by coloring the words, or simply drawing a red, green or blue box as a border for their words. 

On Mondays we introduce the new Sight Words, all of the first graders are responsible to learn those.  The words are also put into alphabetical order each week.  We also use a yellow square to highlight those words that begin with a vowel.  Students create their own sentences as part of our routine.  The nouns, verbs and adjectives were created to compliment the sight words so that sentences may be created by using this week's words as well as any previous words.  Occasionally, a word may be needed that has not yet been introduced, but that is the exception. 

The Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives program provide so many things for our weekly Language Arts program. 
  1. Words for making sentences with the Sight Words for that week
  2.  Weekly Grammar practice in identifying and sorting parts of speech
  3. These words can also be added to the sight word list for more advanced students as a differentiation.
Instead of a Word Wall: In our classroom, wall space is in short supply, so we use our big, beautiful window shades to post our words.  We call them WINDOW WORDS!  I laminated an alphabet chart with Vowels highlighted in yellow.  Each week we simply pull down the shades and add in the newest sight words.  In black for consonants and yellow highlights for vowels.  Shades are raised back up, and all students have a great view of their sight words for referral.  The Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives are also added to the Window Words and are of course color-coded.

As part of the Vocabulary Program, I also created Color-Coded Pocket Chart sentences using each week's Sight Words & Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives.  These sentences can be copied each week for sentence/vocabulary practice.  As a differentiation, students can create sentences using all of the Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives.  The sentences provided use all of the Sight Words and the Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives as needed.

On Mondays, after all of the words are introduced, we play Smiley Bingo.  This is a Vocabulary Game that I created when I first started teaching.  This is also available at Silly Sam Productions.  There are 3 color-coded bingo boards.  Students may copy their sight words in pencil, then trace with a black or dark crayon.  The yellow box board has 6 boxes, an x can be placed in one so that only the 5 new words need to be used.  The green bar box has 9 boxes, for the 5 new words and 4 from last week, (we choose the easiest word from last week to say goodbye to).  The blue box board has 12 boxes and students copy the 9 sight words and fill in the other boxes with nouns, verbs and adjectives.  Then clues are given to find the words and children use a yellow crayon to highlight the box with their word.  Every time they have 3 words in a row, they draw a Smiley Face.  By the end of the game all of their boxes are colored and they have Smileys all around their board. 

We are loving our Vocabulary Practice this year!!
1st 200 Fry Vocabulary Cards Large Display
1st 200 Fry Vocabulary Flashcards & Smiley Bingo Game
1st 200 Fry Vocabulary Words Color-Coded Activities BUNDLE
1st 200 Fry Words Activity: Nouns, Verb & Adjectives Cards to Build Sentences
1st 200 Fry Words Activity Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives Large Display Cards
1st 200 Fry Words Activity Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives Pocket Chart Sentences

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